These are in no particular order, but I have noted my favorite.
  1. Beetlejuice (FAVORITE)
    Beet is my dude. There's something so innocent and sweet about him. And he has the best stories, especially when Dominic is involved.
  2. High Pitch Erik
    I have a real love/hate with HPE. I really enjoy hearing about the intricacies of his life, but he's such a manipulative guy. I'm also v v concerned about his weight.
  3. Eric the Actor
    Zero...Point...Zero. There will never be another. He made me feel like an optimistic person.
  4. Sour Shoes
    What a strange and talented MF-er. He's also kind of cute?
  5. Hank
    Miss you, little angry buddy.
  6. Honorable Mention: Gary
    So sweet. He loves his job sweeping the parking lot of the burger place and I love him.