I'm not the oldest person on @list, but I sure as hell am not the youngest.
  1. None of this shit matters.
    That's not to say major things don't happen when you're a young'n. But that fight you had with your boyfriend? Odds are, you will struggle to remember his last name in 10 years. That stupid thing you did that embarrassed you so? You're probably the only one who noticed.
  2. Worry about yourself.
    The older you get, the less fucks you give about what people think about you. It's just a thing. Concern yourself with your life and how that mess is going, not what people are thinking about how you're living it.
  3. Sometimes old people know what they're talking about.
    You might not think so, but they've gone through a lot. Listen to your grandma's life lessons.
  4. Enjoy your youth.
    These are the days that saggy neck skin seems like a sheer impossibility. Savor it like a delicious ramen broth. Wear every pair of short shorts you can. Trust me.