1. My dear brother Numpsay.
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    Because I love The Golden Child, even though the universe pretty much thinks it sucks, and it's always overshadowed by Coming to America, which is kind of justified.
  2. Is it wrong to have dogs and cats?
    Would they rather be roaming freely and am I keeping them from living their best lives? But I'm pretty sure my dogs couldn't survive the mean streets of the real world. They really love lounging on microfiber blankets. WWJD?
  3. Remember WWJD? bracelets?
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  4. Lyrics to "Juicy."
    "You had a goal, but not that many," really speaks to me because I'm not very good about having actual goals.
  5. We're all just bundles of cells, with the specific way our neurons fire dictating our personalities (or something). How are we alive? How are we people? SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE! (I've never seen that movie.)