1. My coral Bongo denim vest. It was too hot over my Explorations "save the dolphins" t-shirt that day.
  2. A brush to brush out my bangs.
  3. My diorama for Summer of the Monkeys, a disappointing follow-up from the author of Where the Red Fern Grows. The diorama was fucking sick, though, and included a monkey on a string that flew across the shoebox.
  4. The YA horror novel I was writing that was a straight-up RL Stine ripoff. The plot really fell apart in the end.
  5. A novelty-sized pencil from Disney world that was completely impractical. There were zero ways to sharpen it that didn't involve chopping off the tip of your pinky.
  6. Extra scrunchies, for times when the one on your wrist just isn't enough.