You don't need (non-literal) garbage people in your life.
  1. Anything mocking Britney Spears. (White trash pregnant Brit, 2007 Brit, etc.) BS is to be celebrated like the national and/or international treasure she is.
  2. Kelly Taylor
  3. A friggen Minion.
    Only 5 and under are allowed to be this!
    Suggested by @T
  4. Santa Claus
    Suggested by @elooto
  5. Andrea Zuckerman aka Satan
    Suggested by @babystevens
  6. that creepy deer costume thats just a leotard, white facepaint and two twigs
    Suggested by @annayensie
  7. Bernie Sanders wearing a Doc Brown costume
    Wait, N/M... That would be awesome
    Suggested by @jz