Who is Shaquille O'Neal?

Shaquille O'Neal is a demigod.
  1. Basketball Player
    Shaq started his career in college before going pro in the 90s. Shaq has played for teams such as the Lakers, Celtics, Heat, and Magic.
  2. Genie
    Shaq portrayed a basketball playing genie in the much forgotten classic "Kazaam."
  3. Kung-Fu Master
    How can anyone forget the Sega Genesis masterpiece Shaq-Fu. Look for its sequel coming soon!
  4. Doctor
    Shaq has his doctorate in Education. His capstone was titled, "Humor and Aggression in Leadership Tactics."
  5. Sheriff
    Shaq is an ordained sheriff in the state of Florida.
  6. Rapper
    Shaq's debut album "Shaq Diesel" dropped in 1993.
  7. Wordsmith
    Shaq has written several books for children as well as his most recent work "Shaq Uncut," an autobiographical effort.
  8. Mixologist
    Ever had Shaq's Cream Soda?
  9. Superstar
    No need for explanation.