First list, trying this out; all pics from round trip drive from FL to MA for Thanksgiving
  1. Airmont diner which is just west of the Tappan Zee bridge. Stopped on the way from Ma back to FL. Only time I was ever there but the burger was great, ordered it med-rare and it was exactly that!
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  2. A little poster from the air and space museum showing the basic instruments of early planes.
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  3. My oldest could not be talked out of ordering the Elvis Waffle at the Ugly Mug in Salem, Ma..highly recommend it for breakfast if you are in the Witch City; the recommendation is for the place, not the waffle, which is a Belgian waffle served w bacon, bananas, chocolate and peanut butter topped with whipped cream! Thank you vury much.
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  4. At the Roosevelt memorial in DC there are great inscriptions on everything (FDR was very quotable!) but this one at first confounded, then totally amused me.
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  5. Last one: this plate I think summed up my experience driving in Massachusetts perfectly.
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