Hi. My name is Genevieve. I have a wonderful boyfriend that says things like the above, and I don't 100% hate him for it. In fact, I 💟 our honesty and obsession with how we look. Why?
  1. Look at us. We're gorgeous, and we keep ourselves that way. Are we models? Maybe. I'll leave that for your mind to ponder.
  2. I'm fine with being upset in that split second after his off-putting comment. In exchange, I'll have a lifetime of healthiness, good looks, and stratospheric self-esteem! 😆💪
  3. We have a multitude of inside jokes about the overweight, the ugly, the unmotivated, and the stupid. Yes, we are both rank high on the Judging metric of the Myers-Briggs metrics.
  4. I would feel eternally guilty and hypocritical if I posted this then started gaining weight or letting myself go. They say... that when you make your goals public, you'll be more likely achieve and follow them, right?
  5. Working out leads to > endorphins which leads to > sex (which we can have longer since we work out in the first place). YAY FOR ALL! 👮👯