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  1. It sounds very similar to a screenplay idea by Michael Scott
    If a baby were president, there would be no taxes. There would be no war. There would be no ... government, and ... things could get terrible. And actually probably it would be a better screenplay idea
  1. Get rid of used vehicles and mattresses on the freeway for free!
    Just leave that stuff on the side of the freeway and it will just disappear and no one has to pay for it, it's great! You can leave cars, campers, mattresses or any large item, the options are endless. Pro tip: you can leave household garbage too.
  2. Leave garbage in the forest
    Just like above, if you need to get rid of garbage or junk just leave it in the forest. Cars garbage, household junk, leave it all and it will just dissolve.
  3. Throw recyclables in the trash when you can't get to a recycling bin.
    If you aren't near a recycling bin or are to lazy to walk to one just throw those recyclables in the garbage, it's ok! Those cans and bottles will decompose and new metal cans and plastic bottles will grow back on trees.
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  1. Who do I schedule time off with?
  2. What time is break?
  3. What are the chances of getting off early today?
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  1. Liam Neeson
  2. Geoffrey Rush
  3. This guy
    His name is Edward Hermann
  1. And hopefully the last installment
  1. Page 1: vaccines are made for profit
  2. Page 2: Money Money Money
  3. Page 3: That's all you need to know about vaccines
  4. Page 4: The End
  1. Go to the hospital and cuddle newborn babies who are withdrawing from drugs
  1. What's an auto show without liquor?
  2. "Yeah, I performed at the 'Portland Auto Show,' ever heard of it?"
  3. "Yep, it's all here. Got all the spline knobs and the hammer crank. And here's the shaft tube."
  4. Yay, War!
    "Hey Timmy climb in that vehicle and pretend to kill people." "Weeee War is fun!"
  1. Person 1: see those 3 stars up there?
  2. Person 2: yeah?
  3. Person 1: that's a dragon with wings, 4 eyes and a tail with spikes.
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  1. A giant gorilla
    Bonus if the giant gorilla fights a t-Rex
  2. Giant robots fighting giant monsters
  3. Giant robots
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