Ok I did it in case anyone wants to know more about me
  1. I am an electrician
  2. I am going to school part time
    To hopefully pursue a career in animation
  3. I am a hobby animator
    2D, But it's hard to find time between working going to school and taking care of a house and family
  4. I like to make music
    But I'm not very efficient, I really need to and want to learn piano.
  5. I wish I had a dog.
    Soon I'd like to get a springer spaniel
  6. We have chickens
    I would like to be able to raise a cow and pig and goat, I love to BBQ, but not the goat
  7. I love movies
    And I am a critic, I don't like every movie, some popular movies are just terrible.
  8. My favorite cartoons are dexters lab, home movies and Looney Tunes
    The Simpsons were good for about the first ten seasons but never as good as "home movies". I love Pixar films too.
  9. My favorite band is The Beach Boys
    Brian Wilson is a genius, no band has harmonies like that
  10. I love most music
    Except country. I'll listen to anything that has good melody and I enjoy. It can be electronic, reggae, disco, rock, whatever. I won't listen to vulgar lyrics. Pop is getting annoying, musically it's 50-50 but I don't want to hear about sex and getting drunk. I like Peter frampton, the Beatles P.O.D. Moby, beegees, 60's oldies, Jackson 5, white stripes, muse, Coldplay, lecrae, KB, Bizzle, sevin, Adele, easy star all stars.
  11. The only country I listen to is Johnny cash or the highway men
  12. Ted Dekker is the only fiction author I read.
    Except for @bjnovak book "one more thing" I really liked that and would love another short story collection like that. I want to read the revenant too. I didn't read novels until I discovered dekker.
  13. I love skateboarding
    But I don't have much time for it
  14. I love playing soccer
    Don't have time for it either
  15. I love video games
    I'm a Nintendo fanboy, I don't have a lot of time or money for video games, so I have to pick which games I'd prefer and its Nintendo.
  16. I like clothes and shoes.
  17. I love bbqing
    Brisket especially, pulled pork, kal-bi short ribs, I built a BBQ out of a steel barel. I use real wood charcoal.
  18. I like to cook
  19. I like growing my own food in my garden
    Then put them on my BBQ, char them and make salsa. I grow potatoes too and make fries.
  20. I like li.st because it is a creative outlet.
    I like to be creative, it's probably my new favorite app and "social network"
  21. Li.st requests
    I think a li.st request would be cool, but it I don't know why anyone would request a list from me.
  22. I am a husband and father