1. Someone Else's Kitchen: how to cook with no money
    With chef Cosmo Kramer
  2. Cooking In The Shower
    By chef Cosmo Kramer
  3. The grinder always Grinds: how to never settle for store bought burger and grind your own burgers
    By Chef Mitchard Grinder
  4. Cooking Beats and Goose In The Workplace
    By Chef Dwight K. Schrute
  5. Ultra Feast: Big Food Make Big Brain
    By Chef Kevin Malone
  6. 101 cereals: make it yourself
    By Chef Michael G. Scott, inspired by his restaurant Mikes Cereal Shack
  7. Cooking With the Bernard Family Chef
    A cookbook by Andy Bernard
  8. Cooking For One
    By Chef Toby Flenderson
  9. How to cook: Meth and Meals
    By Chef Heisenberg with guest chef Jesse
  10. More Than Meth: Heisenburgers
    The follow up to Chef Heisenberg's best selling cookbook; How To Cook: Meth and Meals
  11. Abra cadabroil: cooking inspired by Magic
    By Chef George Oliver Bleuth
  12. Cooking Beef with Tobias: You'll Love The Taste Of My Meat in Your Mouth.
    By Chef Tobias Funke
  13. They Call Me Big Tasty I'm the Number One Cook In The USAsty
    By Chef Big Tasty AKA Barry Goldberg
  14. My Schmoopies Love My Cooking
    By Chef Beverly Goldberg