The title says it, a list of fake music, movies, books, and charitable foundations mentioned or featured in actual movies and TV shows.
  1. Book: Somehow I Manage by Michael Gary Scott
    The way I manage people is that I touch their hearts and souls with humor, with love and maybe a dash of razzle-dazzle
  2. HBO Comedy Special: Here I Go Again
    Staring Comedian Michael Scott
  3. Band: Scrantonicity 2
    Featuring the drumming and vocal talents of Kevin Malone
  4. Movie: Threat Level Midnight
    Written, directed, produced by and starring Michael Scott.
  5. Movie: The Scarn Nebulous
    Written, directed and produced by Michael Scott. Still in production.
  6. Boner Bomb staring Jason statham -"Saving the world has never been this hard"
    Written, Directed and produced by Michael Gary Scott (Still in production)
  7. Movie: untitled Michael Scott drama
    "He had no arms or legs, he couldn't see hear or speak, this is how he lead a nation"
  8. Foundation: Diversity Tomorrow
    Hi, I'm Michael Scott, founder of Diversity Tomorrow, because today is almost over.
  9. Foundation: Scotts Totts
    To encourage youth to graduate
  10. Charity: The Human Fund
    George Costanza made imaginary donations to The human fund in his coworkers names, as a Christmas gift.
  11. Band: Mouserat
    With lead singer Andy Dwyer
  12. Book: A Match Made in Space
    By George Mcfly
  13. Band: Drive Shaft
    With the hit single "You All Everybody" and Charlie Pace on bass
  14. Band: The Pin Heads
    With lead singer Marty McFly
  15. Book: Yeast Lords: The Bronco Years
    Written by Chavalier
  16. Band: Wyld Stallyns
    Wyld Stallyns with Bill S. Preston "Esquire" and Ted Theodore Logan are the greatest band of all-time, not just because of its musical impact, but its societal impact as well, bolstering relations between nations and faciliting contact with extraterrestrial life (including Martians).
  17. Book: My Best Life
    By Tony Lazarus (from the movie "Don Verdean")