1. Michael Bay presents
    The guy can't direct, everything he's made was awful, so if he's affiliated with a movie in any way it will suck.
  2. From director of X-Men
    I love comic book movies. But x-men movies suck and everything their director directs sucks. Also wolverine sucked too. Avoid anything Bryan Singer directs
  3. DreamWorks animation presents
    Their animated features just aren't good
  4. Featuring Miley Cyrus
    No talent and annoying.
  5. From director of Transformers
    Transformers sucked except for the first one, that was a fluke, sometimes a good director can make a bad film just like Michael Bay made a good movie once with the first transformers movie. Don't even get me started with how terrible Pearl Harbor was.
  6. X-Men in title
    I repeat X-men movies suck, don't see any movie with X-men in the title.
  7. From Director Michael Bay
    As I said before everything he touches is garbage, if his name is mentioned in any way regarding a film stay clear.
  8. Starring J-Lo
    Another no talent, can't sing, can't act.
  9. Featuring the voice of Rosie O'donell
    Why do we even know who she is? Was she some kind of comedienne once? Because she's not funny, cranky and annoying.
  10. Starring Jennifer Aniston
    Can't act. Every character is the Friends character.
  11. X-Men spinoff
    We covered this one. No spinoffs. Wolverine sucked
  12. Starring Nicolas Cage
    I used to like him. But he just doesn't care anymore. He's constantly in some terrible movies.
  13. Starring John Travolta
    He's John Travolta
  14. Directed by Ang Lee
    Similar to Bay, Lee also had a fluke and made life of pi
  15. "Crouching tiger" somewhere in the title
  16. Written by, produced by, staring or affiliated with Seth Rogan
  17. Adam Sandler anywhere in credits
  18. Starring Tom Cruise
    Do I really need to explain this one)