I love coffee, but at first taste it must be pretty shocking. And did the first cup even taste good? This is my depiction of the creator of coffee introducing it to his first taster
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    Creator: Here try this new drink I made! It's kind of like tea. 😀
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    Taster: what is it?😄
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    Creator: It's these green beans I found. I roast them until they are blackish brown, they might be burnt. Then I grind up the roasted beans and then I strain hot water through the ground beans. I call it coffee, you drink it hot too, like tea. 😃
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    Taster: It's all black! It smells really good though! 😌
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    Creator: yeah it has an amazing aroma, just wait till you taste it! 🤗
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    Taster: (tastes it and spits it out) It tastes awful!😩
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    Creator: Yeah, I know! It's horrible! it's bitter and pretty nasty! I've been drinking it every morning for days. 😀
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    Taster: 🤔hmmmm....