But I didn't always
  1. I have tattoos
    I was against them until I was about 22, I was just against them for no reason, then I wasn't. I'm not covered in them. And I wouldn't want sleeves. But I h do have some pretty big ones. I have one more idea that hopefully I can afford to get someday.
  2. The reason for tattoos is to look attractive
    They are supposed to be decorative. If you're getting tattoos on your face or just have ugly tattoos just to look bad, you are missing the point. There is beautification, then there is mutilation. Same goes for piercings, if you have 8 studs across the bridge of your nose, we both know that doesn't look good. If you are not trying to look good, then I don't understand what you are doing.
  3. They are my Original ideas
    My tattoos are my ideas, I am creative and an artist, but not as good as the tattoo artist, so I drew my ideas and the artist improved on them, and no one else has the same tattoos because they are my idea.
  4. It's like Wall art
    On your body. If you put art on your walls in your home to decorate, I put art on my body to decorate. And it is one of s kind art that only I have, that I helped create.
  5. I'm an artist
    So why not have art on my body?
  6. I like color and I like colorful tattoos
  7. When I'm old.
    People have said "what about when you're old and wrinkly? They will be saggy" etc. when I'm old and wrinkly I doubt I will care, the rest of my body won't look that good anyway. Very few things that matter to me now will matter when I'm old and wrinkly, tattoos included, but I like them now.
  8. Writing tattoos
    A side note, I have one tattoo that is writing and it is very annoying telling people what it says and what it means to me, Which I didn't really think through.