1. Then I heard the things he says publicly, and certain things he's done
  2. And now I can't stand to listen to his music
  3. It's like Tom Cruise for example
  4. We found out that he's a scientologist
  5. And there was all that controversy
  6. About how Minority Report didn't have any minorities
  7. Personally I think The Matrix was better than Minority Report
  8. And I haven't seen Minority Report.
  9. And now I can't even watch any of his movies
  10. But I never did watch his movies
  11. I'm not a fan
  12. Plus he's a Scientologist
  13. Actually I did see his movie "Benjamin button"
  14. Which ruined looking at babies and old men for me
  15. I can't look at a baby or an old man without thinking of Tom Cruise