I could go on with this list forever, so I might add to it later if I have ideas
  1. Microsoft sucks because windows always has errors.
  2. Home Movies is the best animated series ever
  3. Rare, formerly rareware is no longer a great video game developer
  4. Pixar is better than dreamworks
  5. Disneyland is better than six flags
  6. Nintendo is better than PlayStation or Xbox
  7. Wind waker is the best Zelda game
  8. Android phones are annoying
  9. The beach boys are the best band ever
  10. Katy perry can't sing
    She just yells to music
  11. The summer is amazing
  12. Hot weather is Better than cold weather
  13. Soccer is more difficult and more fun than basketball
  14. Seth Rogen is not funny
  15. Fox network executives are idiots
  16. Gas vehicles are obsolete
  17. Halo games are boring and not original or anything. Not fun.
    They are not even close to being worth the hype
  18. Your dogs are not your kids
    I love dogs but they ain't kids
  19. Cats are worthless
  20. MySpace was better than Facebook is
  21. Facebook sucks