📁Folders! Hey @list these are the features I would really like to see!
  1. Saved folders📁
    It would be great to be able to organize my saved lists into custom folders such as "restaurants" or "food" or "funny lists" etc
  2. Drafts folders📁
    I'm up to 115 drafts and it can be difficult to go through them or find them. Some are almost done some are just a tittle/idea and I wish I could have custom folders for these as well. I would have a folder of "ideas" "almost finished" "funny" "opinions" etc.
  3. Published folders📁
    It would also be nice to have custom folders of my published lists. One would be a standard chronological folder, then there could be folders of my "opinion lists" or "short story lists" or "humor lists" etc.
  4. Search bar in each folder to search within the folder