This was actually the first video game console I owned. I had played it at my aunts before I got it, I was probably a year or 2 late in getting it.
  1. Banjo-kazooie
    Platformers are my favorite genre People who never played this call it a kiddie game, sure kids enjoy it, but adults made it. I've been waiting 20 years for another platforms R this good (aside from tooie). It's probably my favorite video game of all time.
  2. Banjo-Tooie
    I didn't think it was bloated or had too many collectibles, I did feel that way about DK 64 which I also enjoyed. But I loved this game as much as the first.
  3. Goldeneye
    Still haven't played a shooter as good, except for the new goldeneye. The new shooter campaigns are linear and you can't roam and figure stuff out. I loved how you had tasks and had to get caught by guards or cameras. Plus there was the multiplayer, the cheats you could earn like paintball mode and DK mode.
  4. Pilot wings
    When I first saw this game I didn't understand why anyone would play it, it looked so boring. It is a lot of fun and I've been waiting years for Nintendo to release it on e-shop.
  5. Mario 64
    Not much to say, it was fun platformer. I liked surfing on a turtle shell or throwing bowser when you fought him.
  6. Mario kart
    It was the first Mario kart game I owned. Battle mode was fun. It's just a great local multiplayer game and what racing game has power ups like that?
  7. Mario Party
    I love Mario Party
  8. Honorable mention ocarina and majoras mask
    Both great games and are better than the rest of N64 games but I didn't play them while they were on N64. I never played previous Zelda titles and ocarina just didn't look fun and I hadn't heard of Majoras mask until years later. But I'm a huge Zelda fan now.