What can I say, I really need help
  1. I am going to school part time
  2. I work full time
    I work very hard
  3. I have a wife and 2 daughters to support
    I also maintain the house and yard
  4. I am paying for my classes
    Im not just a lazy greedy guy asking for free money, I'm out of options.
  5. My job is stressful and demanding so I can only take 1 class per term.
  6. I've been going to community college since 2013 and still have 2 more years before I can even transfer to the art institute.
    I still need science and a list of other required classes that have nothing to do with animation.
  7. My current job is so exhausting
  8. It is sucking the life out of me
  9. Im tired of working in the mud
  10. I'm tired of working in the rain
  11. I'm tired of working on my knees
    I can be on my knees all day some days
  12. I'm tired of working in the cold
    I've worked in 15 degree weather
  13. I'm tired of working manual labor.
    It is hard work, I can't do this for 30 more years.
  14. Most days I am depressed because of my job
  15. Most days I don't know how I can do my job another day.
    Sometimes my job is unbearable
  16. I hate my job so much and I am desperate to get out.
    Most work days I am anxious, stressed, in fight or flight mode all day.
  17. I am working toward becoming an animator
  18. My job is destroying my body.
    my wrists and tendons hurt. I'm worried I'll ruin my hands. I recently installed large wire and my hands were sore and swollen for days after.
  19. I got my drawing hand stuck in a drill, almost ripped one of my fingers off.
    See above
  20. I purchase and watch animation tutorials
    I also watch on YouTube
  21. I have made a few cartoons in the past.
  22. I'm working on one now
    But have little time while working, going to school and raising a family
  23. Im doing everything I can
    I don't know what else to do
  24. I need to speed this school process up.
    But I don't know how
  25. I need money so I can work less and attend school more.
  26. I don't know how I can work my job 4 more years.
  27. If I can find a less stressful job that would help.
    I look for jobs everyday, but I don't know how to do anything else. I've been doing my current job for 12 yrs, since I was 20.
  28. I worked hard for my current job and thought I'd love it
    But I hate it
  29. I feel like I'm wasting away at a job I hate
    And my gifts and dreams are wasting away
  30. That's why I have a gofundme
  31. Thanks, anything you can afford would be a huge blessing.