Inspired by @ShawnKelly
  1. Book: Adam
    I pretty much only read Ted Dekker books because I know I won't be disappointed. This is a thriller, but what makes this book so cool is in between chapters there are different newspaper articles about some abducted kids, ind the whole Time you are trying to figure out who these kids are and how the newspaper articles relate to the story. It was a really cool and different way of writing and all his books have surprising twists.
  2. Film: Love & mercy
    The tragic story of the composer and writer of some of Americas most joyful songs: Brian Wilson. Brian wilson is an original member of The Beach Boys, and genius composer of most of their hits and amazing vocal harmonies. He wrote 24 top 40 hits between the age of 22 and 26. Love &Mercy tells a story I'm sure most people are unaware of. The filmmakers also made excellent use of The Beach Boys library. Also the Beach Boys are practically part of American history.
  3. Album; No Pier Pressure
    I bought Brian Wilsons smile album in 2004 knowing it was an abandoned each Boys album, but who knew all these years he has still been making amazing music. At 72 years old he made one of his best solo albums of new original music, fusing modern music techniques with the one of a kind vocal harmonies he is known for featuring current artists, no charlatans like Katy perry and Miley Cyrus, but actually talented artists including Zooey Deschanel and Sebu from Capitol Cities (think Safe and Sound).