1. Denial
    When you first hear it you think "this is awful, this is one of the worst songs, why do they play this? Why would anyone listen to it? Actually why does anyone listen to Drake at all? He's a terrible rapper and a terrible singer" and deny that you actually like "Hotline Bling".
  2. Acceptance
    You accept how much Drake and "Hotline Bling" sucks and realize you weren't in denial, You also accept that people actually intentionally Liston to this awful "song"
  3. Openness
    You become open to how much you hate "Hotline Bling", which doesn't change how much you hate "Hotline Bling".
  4. Empathy
    You have empathy for tone deaf people who like "Hotline Bling", and continue to hate "Hotline Bling".
  5. Annoyance
    The final stage is annoyance. You are annoyed by the song, you are annoyed that it is played on the radio... And you realize these 5 stages helped you achieve nothing but continue to hate "Hotline Bling".