I might add to this later
  1. Manual labor
    The work is hard work, it's exhausting. I'm always walking, lifting, pulling, climbing ladders, shoveling. I get home and I'm too tired to do anything but sit. What was I thinking? I don't want to work like this one more day, let alone 20 more years.
  2. Hard hat and boots
    I have to wear a hardhat and work boots both are very uncomfortable, I hate work boots, they are heavy and if I had the choice I'd never wear them again. Hard hat is hot too. Why was I OK with wearing this stuff forever?
  3. Uncomfortable clothes
    I have to wear hot uncomfortable work pants, dirty work shirts. I like to dress nice, but have to wear heavy uncomfortable clothes at work. I never thought to myself is this what I want to work everyday forever?
  4. Waking up at 4 or 5
    When I started I knew I would have to get up that early and was ok with it for some reason. No one should ever get up that early, what was I thinking? I shouldn't have picked a career that requires me to wake up so early. Stupid!
  5. Working in different place
    As soon as one job ends another one starts and I have to re-figure everything out and learn new prints. I like to be familiar with where I'm working and what I'm doing. But my jobs always changing and I don't like that, Why didn't I stop and think about if i could live with that?
  6. Long drive
    My drive can be anywhere drone 45min to hr and a half. I work in construction so I can't move near work because it's always changing. Then I have to listen to other people complain about their 20 min drive. I wasn't as smart as I thought when I was 20, I didn't even think about the long drives.
  7. Working night shift
    I recently worked from 10pm to 11am the next day, while my regular shift is day. It was the same grueling manual labor as usual, but in the middle of the night, it was miserable. I worked some night shifts as an apprentice and it should've been a clue. I don't ever want to work a night shift again. I did it as an apprentice and it sucked, but I didn't think twice about it, was I so naive that I didn't think I'd have to work that shift again
  8. Pulling large wire
    We pull wire through pipe. We have a pipe with a rope through a pipe and tied to a heavy bundle of wire. We pull on the wire by hand or some times with a pulling tool. But we also push the wire on the other end to help feed it through the pipe. The wire is usually a bundle of 3 to 5 wires ranging from about 1/2" dia. Each to 1" dia each. Last time I did it was a night shift, my elbows and wrists hurt and my hands hurt and were swollen for days after. What a sucky job
  9. Pulling wire by hand outside in the mud
    I have a vivid memory of pulling wire in the rain and mud and I was sick, it was miserable. Wire we pull is heavy, that alone should've been a clue, but on top of that we were outside in the cold rain slopping around in the mud. Why didn't I just quit that day? What was I thinking? Did I think over time those situations wouldn't suck? I don't want to work in the rain either!