I thought of this when a random guy joined our group golfing. I would only use a few of these per round to not give yourself away. But you need to deliver these lines with confidence as if you are genuinely oblivious and ignorant about golf.
  1. So what size hitter are you guys using?
    Say this after you've introduced yourself to the group and everyone is deciding on a driver.
  2. What size putting iron do you think I need?
    When you walk up to the putting green for the first time.
  3. How many mulligans do I get?
    When you're getting ready to swing your driver
  4. If you hit a wild ball say out loud "I really should have worn my glasses"
  5. Yell "tree trap!"
    If your ball goes through a tree and gets stopped or deflected.
  6. After one of the other golfers drives the ball ask "how can you tell if it's a Foul ball"
  7. If one of the players misses the ball, ask "are there strikes in this game"
  8. Ooh, sand trap! How many points is that worth?
    Obviously after your ball lands in the sand trap