Inspired by @daniellenuss
  1. Hamburgers
  2. Ribs
    Any kind, baby back, beef ribs, you name it
  3. Pulled pork
    Any pork actually, I love pork. that leads me to the next item
  4. Bacon
    I love bacon
  5. Sausage
    sausages are great, It can be any kind of sausage. Beef, pork, lamb, with any seasoning, you can eat them all instead of kale.
  6. Beef brisket
    I love to BBQ, especially brisket and you can eat it instead of kale. Corned beef too which is made from brisket, you can eat that instead of kale.
  7. Beef steaks
  8. Beef jerky
    I love beef jerky too, especially teriyaki. You can eat jerky instead of kale.
  9. I could probably keep going but this should give people enough options.