The Grinder is a hilarious show staring Rob Lowe as Dean a former star of a a successful lawyer show called "The Grinder" where he plays Mitch "the grinder" Grinder, who never settles. Dean has a brother Stewart who is a real lawyer who has a law office
  1. The grinder (Rob Lowe) references to episodes of his former show "The Grinder"
    "This case reminds me of episode 122 "the long grind"
  2. The line "the grinder never settles"
  3. The grinder (Rob Lowe) getting emotional or crying watching episodes of his former show
  4. His other catchphrases
    "the grinder rests" "the grind" or "the grinder always grinds"
  5. Dean (Rob Lowe) thinks he's Real lawyer because he played one on TV.
  6. Some people in the law office are starstruck by Dean
    And listen to his advice as if he's a real lawyer
  7. Stewart, played by Fred Savage is not a very good lawyer.
    And he is surprisingly hilarious
  8. Stewart also uses notecards awkwardly in the courtroom
    And other times too
  9. Stewart has kids who are funny too
  10. Dean gives Stewart's kids bad advice
  11. The show shows dramatic scenes from "The Grinder"
    They are corny but Dean (Lowe) thinks they are really deep scenes
  12. The show is my new favorite
  13. It's the first show I really liked since "The Office"