1. Took a wheel pottery class
    So awful. But FYI I can hook you up with a kool ashtray at very low cost.
  2. Started composting
    Again! I actually grew up doing this, but it worked much better in Nashville than New Mexico. I bought earthworms (on Amazon!) in an attempt to remedy this and then talked about them for weeks as if they were my children.
  3. These socks
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  4. Ruined my life by picking a prickly pear
    Tried to do a lil research first (Googled on my phone) but despite reading that you should wear gloves, I thought "I'll just grab where there aren't spines!" As it turns out, even those spots have spines. They are nearly invisible and very resilient and will be stuck in your hands/pants/tote bag for weeks. They hurt.
  5. Joined a climbing gym
    Not proud of this one—I still think it's pretty lame but I want my arms to look like Michelle Obama's.
  6. Tried elk meat
    And proceeded to eat it at every friend's barbeque for months
  7. Got a fishing license
  8. Learned to ski
    Did you know Santa Fe has a ski mountain 20 minutes outside of town? I didn't either. I actually learned in Vail in hopes that I'd love it and skin up/ski down here regularly when I got back. I... have never done this.
  9. Saw a roadrunner and a tumbleweed on the same day
    I felt like Wil E. Coyote.