aka a great gift guide for your foodie friends (NB: I promise I don't work for the silicone cookware industry)
  1. Silicone measuring cup
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    You can pour hot liquids in but still hold it with a bare hand (and then make a spout ANYWHERE to pour it out, v useful for salad dressings), plus scraping stuff out is much quieter than from Pyrex
  2. Microplane zester
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    Use for lemon zest, grating ginger or garlic into sauces, parmesan! Endorsement: Don't get an off-brand one or you will end up with mush and bloody knuckles.
  3. Fine mesh sieve
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    And I mean fine!!! If quinoa gets stuck in the holes, it's not fine enough!
  4. Silicone oven mitts
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    Flexible, great insulation, and so easy to clean.
  5. Wine key
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    Arms-up wine openers are trash. Even an oaf like me can use this kind with ease.
  6. Mini spatulas
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    Silicone ones, which don't melt or burn. I use these every time I cook. So much goop on bowl-bottoms preserved!!!
  7. Silicone baking mat
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    No more burning parchment paper or brutal post-roast pan scrubbing! I like to use this when baking my mom's granola recipe (coming soon to a Listapp near you).