(I bought Dolce K)
  1. It's honesty not bad. At all.
  2. It smells really good, almost like my Jeffree Star velour lipsticks. But it's not overly perfumed.
  3. Dolce is a dreamy medium shade of beige that I've yet to find in drugstores and beauty shops, in liquid matte form of course.
  4. I read about how the wands are crappy but I haven't had any difficulties with it. It applies the lipstick smoothly and covers my lips completely.
  5. It actually stays on. Like, I had a cheeseburger and fries and that baby didn't rub off. Plus....
  6. It comes off easily. No need to scrub your lip desperately and pray that you're not peeling your skin off because the lipstick stains it. I used just one makeup remover wipe and voila!
  7. I'm definitely ordering Mary Jo next time!
  8. Static