He's so predicable.
  1. Guy meets girl through friends or at a chance encounter.
  2. Guy falls desperately in love with girl but her parents (or just one parent) are typically dicks about it.
  3. They have a summer fling, complete with late nights out, dancing, etc
  4. Girl is super talented or rich but guy has a life/friends completely different from hers so it's hard to make it work.
  5. They break up, either at the request of a parent or because they fought.
  6. Something big happens in their lives (sickness, injury, war, proposal, etc) and either both or just one of them is left with a huge decision to make, which decides the fate of their relationship.
  7. They both decide they can't live without each other.
  8. They live happily ever after and/or grow old, possibly die together.
  9. You are crying your eyes out while you grab another Snickers and box of Kleenex.