Fuck those little fluffy flying pieces of shit.
  1. You can't ever wake up and breathe regularly.
    Always have to have a tissue ready to start your day.
  2. You are way less inclined to accept invitations to events that are outdoors.
    Oh your friend is having their birthday party at the park? Nope. There's a company picnic next Friday? Think again.
  3. You might as well be snorting Claritin D/Zyrtec D/Sudafed/Benadryl daily.
    Can't. Leave. Home. Without. My. Allergy. Meds.
  4. You basically can never tell if you have a real cold/virus because you're always sniffly and congested and feeling sickly at some point.
    Lupus?! Is it lupus!? ...Oh wait it's just my allergies fucking with me. We good.
  5. ...but when you really do get a cold, it's worse. A BILLION times worse.
    Hope you're taking vitamins! Also God be with you during flu season.
  6. Your nasal spray is your best friend.
    Much like #3, you'd probably get this bad boy in IV form if you could.
  7. Those fuzzy flying things that come off of dandelions are your enemies.
    They're NOT pretty ok THEY'RE TERRORISTS.
  8. Working out helps decongest your nose and throat but then it all gushes out every 5 minutes.
    My trainer basically knows I need to blow my nose after every rep.
  9. You really can't open the window in the car. Ever.
    Air conditioning is your savior.
  10. You have to constantly check how the pollen levels are every day before going out.
    Pollen from oak trees are at an all time high? Cool what's on Netflix?