Hi everyone. here are twenty facts about me...
  1. I am mom to an amazing seven year old little wonder of a girl who is my true gift from God above.
  2. I am married to a man named john who I love deeply and madly but he is extremely emotionally abusive. His nickname for me, which he uses constantly, is "Crackhead", and that's barely the tip of the iceberg.
  3. I am a singer, artist, writer and actress.
  4. I am an incest survivor.
  5. I am a recovering drug and alcohol addict. Each day is a battle for me, because of my marriage.
  6. I have very bad PTSD, which began at age five and has perpetually worsened because I fell into a cycle of involving myself with one abusive man after another, owing to the incest and complete lack of self esteem and worthiness.
  7. I have a Yorke Chihuahua named Sunny who never, ever leaves my side. This may sound nuts, but I believe wholeheartedly that she channels my beloved Grandma Helen, which is why I am extremely connected to her.
  8. I spent six years a after college appearing on Broadway, in Cabaret, Hairspray, Mama Mia, and Forty Second Street.
  9. I'm a published post and songwriter.
  10. I had a son during the worst part of my addiction to heroin and cocaine. I loved him so much that I knew I wasn't well enough to take care of him and found an incredible family who adopted him. He is now nine and so happy and thriving. I see him often and his family has become family to me.
  11. I graduated from the University of Connecticut, Stores, with three bachelor's degrees in four and a half years: nursing, music and liberal arts.
  12. I am in my second marriage. I left my first husband after he choked me out and I fell down the stairs and broke my nose. I thought physical abuse was bad enough until I became involved with john and learned emotional abuse is worse...
  13. I love to draw, write, sing, paint and do basically anything creative. It's my outlet.
  14. I started a foundation called The Dragonfly Project. It provides people with PTSD free art therapy and supplies.
  15. I am very overweight now, but at one time I was 69 pounds with anorexia-bulimia. I have run the weight gamut. I never ever feel ok in my skin
  16. Im completely nocturnal, both because all my jobs I worked at night, and I am hypervigilant.
  17. I love to pray
  18. I talk to my grandmother, Helen, all the time. I am of course not certain she hears me, but I try to believe she does
  19. Despite his meanness, my husband has great potential to be a good man but he refuses to get help, and blames me for how he treats me
  20. I believe that ny writing this list I will get some love and support here, and perhaps help someone else like me.