1. I wholeheartedly believe I bring it upon myself. This, because that's what he tells me.
  2. When he's good, he's very very good...
  3. He takes care of me (by keeping me home and isolated from virtually everyone)
  4. He can be the most loving, wonderful man imaginable
  5. He is an amazing father
  6. I truly believe he loves me to death
  7. Maybe he's right when he calls me "loser" and "idiot" and "fat" and "crackhead"and "wackjob"
  8. I don't deserve better
  9. I let him treat me like a doormat
  10. I really am an.idiot to stay in a relationship like this
  11. He makes me feel like I owe him... I.e. Sexually, especially
  12. I see great things in him if only he'd get some help
  13. I'm madly in love with him
  14. At least he's not putting his hands on me, like the rest of the men in my life did