1. Not knowing which font to use
  2. Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus
  3. International shipping rates for online shopping
  4. Hipsters
  5. The line at Starbucks
  6. The DVR not recording one of the two shows scheduled to record
  7. Wrinkles in wrinkle-free khakis
  8. Having an apartment that gets bad cell reception
  9. Breaking in Dr Martens
  10. Being unable to spend less than $100 at Target, when all you needed was a new tooth brush
  11. Amazon Prime Day
  12. Fucking up your manicure while opening your car door right after you leave the nail shop
  13. Beer pong spreading mono (or worse)
  14. Your cell phone always being at 3% when you need it most
  15. Warm sparkling water
  16. Spending 2 hours discussing the slowness of your internet and its causes with your roommates
    Suggested by @audra_k_ob
  17. When they don't put enough meat in your chipotle burrito
  18. ... And having to pay extra for guacamole