1. January: my sister and me *very shocked* at being so close to this fierce lioness at the Houston Zoo 🦁
  2. February: gathering support from coworkers for the time my BFF ran for Rice HBIC (aka SA president) and won 💁🏼
  3. March: my last beer bike at rice! On the chug team with my wonderful roommate 🚲
  4. April: toga party? So college 🍷
  5. May: graduated, road tripped, climbed a mountain in VA, and spiritually got in touch with Vince Gill 🏔
  6. June: when I got accidentally suggestive on snapchat 🙈
  7. July: just a quaint lil photo of the Airbnb we stayed in for my birthday river trip 🚣🏼
  8. August: @nathanbonnes and me, drinking craft beers on one of our early dates 🍺
  9. September: feeling a lil hipster on my first trip to Corpus Christi Bae 🌊
  10. October: found Waldo at ACL 🎶
  11. November: the time we went canoeing 👱🏼
  12. December: the time I tried to get a touristy picture in NYC, spilled my coffee all over myself, and got this gem 🗽