1. Taylor Swift
    I know. Being her for more than one day would probably be exhausting. But career-wise, she's accomplished everything she set out to do and became mega famous for it. I'd like to revel in that success for a day without having contributed anything.
  2. A dude
    I'm not picky here, but I'd like to benefit from the patriarchy for a day. I'd like to pee standing up because it just seems so convenient. Also, I'd like to not be aggressively catcalled as I walk to happy hour with my roommate. Just once. (BTW, this isn't a "I'm so pretty isn't that a problem" statement. Catcalling is not a compliment! 🙅🏼I digress.)
  3. I fancy myself a writer sometimes but am not nearly brave or focused enough as is. A day in Mindy's (gorgeous, expensive) shoes would do me a lot of good. Much respect for her talent and confidence 💁🏽
  4. Luna Lovegood
    She'd give me the chance to: 1) be a witch and 2) let my freak flag fly. 🔮