Because emojis are tonally important punctuation to all texting conversations ✔️
  1. 🙃
    A standout of the new batch of emojis. For when 😊 just doesn't cut it. Ex: "Hang in there 🙃"
  2. 👍🏼
    An old classic. Takes the sting out of the "ok" text. Ex: "Sounds good 👍🏼"
  3. 😁
    The grimace! Helps deliver unsavory news, shows sender awareness. Ex: "I'm running a little late 😁"
  4. 🙈
    Shows embarrassment, but not 😳. Specifically for embarrassment about something that could be cute, like singing in the car or speaking in a weird accent. Ex: "I must have butt dialed you 🙈"
  5. 😏
    Did I mean it in THAT way? You bet I did. Ensures that a double entendre is exposed. Ex: "Exposed? 😏"
  6. 🎶
    Causes the receiver to read the message in a singing voice. "Hit me like a ray of suuun 🎶"
  7. 😱
    The scream! A la Home Alone. Shows exaggerated disbelief. Ex: "Wait I was going to say that 😱"
  8. 😐
    Highlights an awkward situation. Ex: "Just rode in the elevator with someone who's ducking my emails 😐"