1. Moving
    Like my own stuff into and out of every place I've lived
  2. Taking my grandpa to the Getty
    discussing Israel/ the minimum wage/ wiki leaks
  3. Every internship I've had
  4. Being the roommate to make the pot of coffee
  5. Not texting while driving
  6. Not trapping people in corners while drunk to talk abt various heartbreaks
  7. Not commenting with angry rants re feminism/ Israel on people's Facebook posts
  8. Going to therapy
  9. Crying tears of rage on behalf of the people of Greece
    Ur welcome guys
  10. Crying tears of sadness while watching videos of test subject beagles waking on grass for the first time
  11. Speaking calmly to men (strangers)
    and treating them with unreciprocated respect
  12. Explaining things calmly to men (friends)
    Re rape culture, why I don't want to hear about women's bodies, what have you
  13. Watching "incredible" "films"
  14. Hanging out with my friends whilst they are all v "stoned" and I am not
  15. Maintaining feelings of goodwill and friendship toward ex