1. Pittsburgh Penguins
  2. Penn State
    All sports (although tbh I only really watch football, women's volleyball, and occasionally wrestling if it's on tv). WE ARE!
  3. Pittsburgh Pirates
    PNC park is the most beautiful ballpark in America and I will fight you about that. This team has been fun to watch recently, and I feel rewarded for the 20+ years of rooting for them when they, to use the technical term, totally blew
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Love football, not a huge fan of the caliber of human beings on the team. But if they bring home the W I can find a way to temporarily turn a blind eye to the level of ass-hat they exude individually
  5. Pitt Basketball
    I know I know, a Penn State alum rooting for ANYTHING Pitt makes me a traitor of the highest order. But I'm currently a Pitt student and Penn State basketball sucks so here I am