Whether on-going or one-offs, these moments mar an otherwise great show.
  1. Oh, Glen was just having guts eaten on top of him? Dick move writers!
  2. Teenagers are still insufferable in the apocalypse (I'm looking at you Enid)
  3. Andrea. ('Nuff said?)
  4. The oh so unremarkable life and death and personality of Theodore "T-Dog"
  5. Poaching all these "Wire" actors without giving them equally compelling characters... I mean.... Father Gabriel? Really?
  6. I'm pretty sure Alana Masterson and Christian Serratos literally don't know how to act
  7. Speeches, speeches, speeches
  8. Weekly pissing contests
  9. Beth's doe eyes
  10. Lingering cliffhangers while we go to several origin-story episodes
  11. The haircuts! Carl. Daryl, carol, Eugene etc. there's a lady in a nice house who can give you a frickin' haircut (though I suspect the scissors are a little blood crusty)
  12. Doesn't gasoline go bad after a while?
  13. Walking past any house or store without rummaging through it for something useful
  14. The old "give this love note to my wife in case I don't make it" trope. Guess what dude... That guarantees you won't make it.
  15. Oh Scott Gimpell. Why so self-serious? It is after all just a zombie show
  16. Look, just lead the zombies through a bottleneck of some kind and kill them one-at-a-time, conveyor belt style
  17. And than there's "Talking Dead"... Oy vay. Don't get me started