I've been here since Sunday on a magical adventure of friendship, secrets, and NBA Summer League with @xmrblondex and our friend Sarah.
  1. Bad stinky garbage cheese
    We walked to our first day of NBA games at UNLV via a back alley behind our off-Strip hotel and it smelled like hot garbage that had been coated in that fake cheddar cheese you get in Handi-Snacks. Sarah had to sprint away so she wouldn't throw up which made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt.
  2. Dog shit
    I actually didn't smell this but Casey said he did when we were walking back to the hotel from the Strip on Sunday night
  3. Urine
    We walked into Casino Royale and it smelled strongly of peepee.
  4. Vinegar
    On Sunday night we stayed up until 5am and just when we were about to get ready for bed we decided it would be a better idea to go to the hotel pool. We sat in a dirty, half-empty, lukewarm hot tub for 20 minutes drinking beers. We dripped pool water all over the hotel room when we got back and left our bathing suits in heaps around the room. When we crawled out of bed again at 1pm, the living room smelled like vinegar, probably because of pool chemicals?
  5. Dunkin' Donuts
    Casey surprised us by going to Dunkin' before Sarah and I woke up on Monday. He put the box of donuts by Sarah's head and wafted the smells toward her until she woke up and almost cried because she was so happy about the donuts.
  6. Weed
    By the Bellagio fountains
  7. Body Shop
    I haven't had a real night's sleep since Thursday and am feeling a little exhausted and overstimulated, so I went to find somewhere to sit while Sarah explores the Strip and Casey watches too much basketball. I've been sitting in front of the Body Shop at the Miracle Mile for too long and it smells like lime, coconuts, and flowers.
  8. Pleasant humans
    Sarah uses natural deodorant and has been very nervous that it wasn't enough to stand up to Vegas in July, but everyone has smelled very normal the whole time!