@Allys_on and I caught part of a rugby game while having dinner in Bali. We definitely understand every minute detail of gameplay now!
  1. The ball is ALWAYS live
  2. Until the exact moment that it is not
    Fouls and out of bounds seem to end a play, but fumbles and tackles do not. Players can recover the ball and keep playing
  3. A ball recovered from a tackle by the defense has to be kicked to their team
    We saw this happen and this is the most logical explanation we came up with
  4. A ball recovered from a tackle by the offense can be passed
  5. Offense can only pass the ball backwards
  6. Touchdowns are worth 5 points
    And may not be called touchdowns but the sound was off so how would we know
  7. Touchdowns don't have to be run between the goal post
    The first one we saw was run between them and we weren't sure if that was a requirement. Seems not.
  8. Extra point kick is worth two points
    We saw one get kicked from really close and it looked super easy, but maybe it is not always kicked from the same position?
  9. There are field goals, worth 3 points
    But if the ball is always live how do you know when it is fourth down and time for a field goal attempt???
  10. Touchdown dances are okay
    One guy did this sweet Superman thing where he pretended to rip his shirt off and fly
  11. There is this cool lift thing that is allowed when the ball is thrown in after it goes out of bounds that is like a basketball tip off only cooler but only the receiving team can do it
    The receiving player get lifted up by his teammates to catch the ball and it looks like a cheerleading move
  12. There are yellow cards
    But not for roughing the kicker
  13. The interlocking defense thing? I got nothin'
    Sometimes the players lock arms around each others' waists to create a defensive wall for the player in the back who has the ball. Exactly when this is allowed or expected or what it is called is unclear, but it looks really cool
  14. "It's like if football, soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee had a baby." -Ally