Not engaged. Single AF. But it's fun to dream!
  1. Friend or family member officiant
    This is so common now that it will probably be weird NOT to do this by the time I get married. I want my mom's best friend to marry me - she is like a second mom to me and she is SO good at marrying people. I guess my future partner will have some say in this though.
  2. Readings from books/poetry
    When @TripleeSheldon and @gsheldon got married in a beautiful perfect San Diego ceremony, they had family/friends read short excerpts from love poems, books, plays, etc. that meant a lot to them or had significance in their relationship. It was a neat structure, a great way to involve people in the ceremony, and a wonderful, meaningful snapshot of their love.
  3. Original vows
    I'm funny and love attention. I am going to ROCK my vows. I've seen some really good ones - funny, poignant, beautiful, loving. My brother wrote a letter from 50 years in the future that I really wish someone had gotten on video, it was so funny.
  4. Signature cocktail
    I have an Open Bar at Our Weddings and Funerals pact with @Allys_on, @ohlauren, and a few others, and I intend to honor it, but hard alcohol is expensive. Offering one cocktail (that reflects something about the couple) plus beer and wine is the perfect stopgap. Last wedding I went to had a signature Pimm's cup, one before that had a delicious bourbon mule.
  5. Kegs of local beer
    My brother had Ballast Point Sculpin at his wedding. I don't know where I'll be living if/when I wed, but I hope it's somewhere with a delicious IPA or pale ale available locally. (If not, I am blowing my beverage budget on shipping in Ballast Point.)
  6. Food truck or favorite foods
    I've been to two food truck weddings and they had the best food I've ever had at a wedding. Another time, my cousin and her husband had stations set up with each of their favorite foods. Hers was delivery pizza and Blue Bell ice cream. Don't even remember his because why would I go further than the pizza and ice cream table?!
  7. Non traditional desserts
    I've been to two weddings this year alone that served wedding pie!! Last year I went to one that had an ice cream sundae station!!! My brother had croissant bread pudding and Bailey's mousse!!!! So many excellent options.
  8. Pranks/jokes
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    My cousin's husband and the groomsmen pretended they had forgotten the rings, then they were delivered by my cousin's beloved stuffed hippopotamus. My dad pranks every wedding he goes to by wearing this scary rubber mask and dancing with the bride at some point - my brother pranked my dad back by having all his groomsmen put on giant rubber horse heads (my brother had a unicorn one) and dancing with my dad when he had the mask on.
  9. After party conference room
    This was BRILLIANT. The wedding party booked a conference room at the hotel and everyone went there to drink more, dance more, and order Domino's pizza (two separate times). I've also attended after parties at karaoke bars, a casino, and a TGI Friday's - excellent options if available. The after party is clutch - even if the couple never makes it there 😉