I'm 26 today!!!!!
  1. 1992
    My family was moving from New York to California. We drove a windy route to visit family and friends in Virginia, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, and Arizona, and I got to celebrate my birthday at every place. My aunt and uncle gave me a stuffed Barney.
  2. 1997
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    I was in a Christian Youth Theater production of Charlotte's Web (playing Wilbur, natch) and I invited the whole cast to my party. I got the American Girl Doll HORSE for my birthday!!! I named her Brownie and my dolls Molly and Kirsten rode her everywhere.
  3. 2002
    I got a BOUNCE HOUSE for my 13th birthday!!! A dozen or so preteens is too many for a bounce house and it kept collapsing but that made it way more fun.
  4. 2004
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    My present for my 15th birthday was a DOG!!!! I didn't get her on my birthday because she was only 4 weeks old then, but I got to pick her out from the litter. A month later my parents surprised me when they picked me up from school and had her in the backseat. Ruby Belle lived 9 wonderful years.
  5. 2010
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    For my 21st, I went out at midnight for my very first legal drink, then the next night my brother and his girlfriend took me out and bought me lots of shots and I only puked once (pictured: the red headed slut that made me vom), and then the next day I had a house party with all my friends and blacked out and ate a burrito!!!!!
  6. 2011
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    I had just graduated college and was going abroad in a few months. I went to a brewery and when I got back to the house my roommates had filled a Batman piñata with tiny plastic bottles of wine.
  7. 2013-2014
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    Two years in a row I had a potluck boozy brunch in my front yard, went to the beach, and rode the Giant Dipper roller coaster at Belmont Park. They were perfect days.
  8. 2015
    Today is my last day of a job I hate!!!!!!! Tomorrow I am throwing a really giant party in my front yard!!!! AND IN THREE WEEKS I AM GOING TO SOUTHEAST ASIA TO BACKPACK FOR 6+ MONTHS!!!!!!!