1. I had a phone interview for a company I really, REALLY wanted to work for that morning
  2. I had an in-person interview for a different company that afternoon
  3. Two hours after the in-person, I got a call that this second company was ready to make an offer
  4. "Oh! Wow! That's fantastic! How long do I have to respond?" I asked
    Because I wanted to see if the first company with the phone interview was going to move forward with me
  5. "Why? Is there a reason you would need to wait?"
    I thought this was a little weird... it's pretty standard to have a few days to consider an offer, right?
  6. We agreed that I had until Friday (this was a Monday) to accept or reject the offer
  7. The next day they called again to talk about why I wanted to wait
    I was honest and said there was a possible second offer coming in and I wanted to review them both to decide what was best for me
  8. "Okay. Well we are offering you X dollars an hour, but let me see if I can get you X+2 dollars an hour."
    X is more (by a tiny bit) than I had been making at my previous job so I was already stoked on that offer
  9. And it worked!
  10. I wasn't purposely using this potential second offer (which never materialized anyway) to negotiate
  11. But they thought I was and I felt like a total baller
  12. I start tomorrow!!!