This has been my job every Easter for about 15 years. It's easy, fun, and a total crowd-pleaser. You can certainly get fancy and make the cake and frosting from scratch, but like... why?
    1 box yellow cake mix, 1.5 cans white frosting, some sweetened coconut flakes, some jelly beans, red or pink food coloring, black or brown gel icing
  2. Using box mix of choice, bake two round yellow cakes
    I used this one because it's what my parents had in their pantry.
  3. Let them cool completely
    My first attempt this morning failed when the cakes stuck. Motherfucker. The first time I used Pam, the second (successful) time I used Baker's Joy with a little sugar sprinkled on top.
  4. Prepare a cake board large enough for the cake (about the length of 2.5 round cakes)
    I used to use a large cutting board but then my dad had this perfectly sized board. I just cover it in tinfoil and sprinkle it with sugar (helps the cake to not stick)
  5. Take one of the round cakes and make two semicircle slices; voila, you now have two ears and a bow tie!
    This bunny is going to be dressed for success.
  6. Arrange the cakes on the board
  7. Reserve two globs (exact measurement) of white icing in a bowl
  8. Frost the whole thing with the white icing. I used cream cheese frosting this year, again because it's what my parents had in their pantry, but any white icing will do!
    Closeup photo to show that perfection is not key here. You are trying to make an adorable cake, not an award-winning cake. It's okay if the crumb shows through a little bit or the sides aren't perfect! I'm not a pro, so I just do the best I can, obsess over a few mistakes, then give up and realize it's more adorable this way anyway.
  9. Remember that reserved white icing? You should now dye it pink with red or pink food coloring and apply it to the center of the ears.
  10. Take a handful of the coconut* and dye it pink too. Press it over the pink icing on the ears.
  11. Press coconut* all over the bow tie and then arrange jelly beans on the tie to make it look adorably polka dotted
    I'm telling you, this bunny's fashion sense is 🔥
  12. *A note on coconut
    The original recipe calls for the whole cake to be covered in coconut on top of the icing. I love coconut, so I would be stoked about this, but my house is divided on the flavor. We compromise and only put it on the ears and bow tie. You can put as much or as little coconut wherever you want on this cake!
  13. Pick two jelly beans to be the eyes and one to be the lil button nose
  14. Use the gel icing to draw on eyebrows, whiskers, and a mouth
  15. Pose proudly with your creation and let the compliments roll in!
  16. This is the original recipe that my mom clipped from a magazine years and years ago.
    It's secretly an advertisement for Baker's coconut.