I'm backpacking for seven-ish months. This is an unsustainable rate.
  1. San Diego Padres Knockarounds
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    I mourn these the most. They were the giveaway at the last Padres game I went to before I left. @Allys_on still has hers so I am constantly reminded of their loss. They were torn from my face by a wave in Bali approximately 6 days into the trip.
  2. Black Ray Bans knockoffs
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    These were the backup pair I brought from home knowing I would likely lose the Padres ones. They're from Target and had some sweet blue reflective lenses. The frame cracked in my backpack on Nusa Lembongan, Bali, second week of the trip.
  3. Black and pink fake designer something or others
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    Bought on the street in Sanur, Bali. I didn't love them but I panicked and bought from the first sunglasses vendor I saw. He made fun of me for not bargaining with him. These disappeared mysteriously in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. I'm most upset about having also lost the cloth sunglasses bag I bought in Rosarito, Mexico in 2014.
  4. New fake Ray Bans
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    Just bought these suckers today at a Clan Jetty in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. How long will they last?? 😎😟😎