Sherrill is in Oneida County in central New York and I just learned via Wikipedia that it is the least populous city in the whole dang state (~3000 people)! I lived there from ages 3-6 while my dad was stationed at the base in Syracuse.
  1. Ebeneezer's Ice Cream was the SPOT in the summer.
    Rainbow sherbet all the way. I just checked Yelp and it's still open! Also apparently it's a full restaurant — don't remember that at all, I just remember the scoop shop.
  2. The bowling alley was the other cool place to hang
    I was on a kids' league and still have my participation trophy somewhere around here...
  3. There was only one bar in town
    Not my memory, obviously, but my mom told me recently that she couldn't go there because she drove the only white Volvo so everyone would know it was her. She was a substitute teacher & didn't want people to think she was a lush!
  4. There was an abandoned barn in the woods behind our house that was DEFINITELY hainted
    But ghosts are slow (kid logic) so as long as you SPRINTED past the barn, you'd be fine. One time I choked on a moth while sprinting for my life past the barn.
  5. The backyards didn't have fences
    All the kids would play Hide and Seek and Sardines and Flashlight Tag and run through everyone's yards without a care. It was tough for pets though — we made a long dog run between two trees for our lab.
  6. I remember riding on my dad's shoulders on the path through the woods and he would pass me dandelions so I could make wishes
  7. There were tons of caterpillars every spring and I would keep them as pets
    RIP Charlie the caterpillar. You were taken from this world too soon. Because 4-year-olds are not responsible pet owners.
  8. On move-in day I dropped pink Gak (remember Gak?!) on the front walkway. It never fully came off.
    I was never allowed to play with Gak again.
  9. We got to make snow ice cream once a year
    I think the recipe is just snow and cream but it was so exciting.
  10. Playing in the snow was always SO SO SO FUN... for about twenty minutes.
    After struggling to put on snow boots and jackets and gloves and hats for thirty minutes...
  11. T Ball was a right of passage
    I played right field and spent most of the games yawning and picking flowers. The other kids never stayed in their position, they would all run after every ball regardless of where it went, so I knew I didn't really have to do anything.
  12. Our garbage man threw a big backyard pig roast every Memorial Day
    It was the social event of the season.
  13. The area's biggest industry, Oneida Silverware, was born out of a super creepy cult formed in the 1840s
    The Oneida Community believed that Jesus had already returned to earth and also that it was cool for uncles to marry their underage nieces. Then they started making silverware. The incest ended (the cult dissolved) but the silverware continues! Not really something I remember about living there, but I do remember the Oneida factory and the Oneida store in town.