1. Stealing a "businesses open during construction" sign off the street
    I made my friend hold it for me while I peed on a veterinarian's office.
  2. Baking cookies
    They had potato chips in them. I swear I was just drunk.
  3. Waking up wasted in San Francisco
    Not tipsy, not buzzed. WASTED. After 4-6 hours of sleep. Far preferable to waking up hungover!
  4. Convincing a guy in Vegas that I was British to relieve foot pain
    I was at 1OAK waiting for Ke$ha to perform. There was NOWHERE to sit in the entire club (ALL the couches are VIP and bouncers kicked us off them immediately) and I was wearing heels. I found a guy in the crowd, told him I was from Sussex, and leaned against him on the dance floor until Ke$ha finally appeared.
  5. Hanging tacky sports decorations in my house
    Didn't feel as accomplished when I found out my roommate's girlfriend was trying to sleep while I was using a hammer, but, yanno
  6. Not dying in a bush
    I fell into a bush, rolled down a hill, and gave up. Told @Allys_on to leave me there to die. She asked if I would let her die alone in a bush, I admitted I would never, and let her help me home.
  7. Beating @ohlauren at the "who can wear more hats" game
    To make a terrible bar more bearable, Lauren and I made this bet. We ran around the bar asking random guys if we could wear their hats and took pictures of ourselves. We made it out of there with like 100 pictures between us, and no lice!!
  8. Decorating a Christmas tree by myself
    Then I watched "The Twelve Dogs of Christmas" (a real film) and liveblogged it