If you don't know about "Bros Icing Bros," well, you are supremely lucky. For several months in 2010-2011 I was constantly on edge, waiting to be surprised with a Smirnoff Ice. If presented with one, I had to take a knee and chug it immediately.
  1. My bed
    It was tucked in a nice and cozy waiting for me
  2. While opening a gift
    It wasn't a gift. It was a Smirnoff ice.
  3. Before my morning coffee
    Because I asked my friend to pick me up an iced mocha. I got a Smirnoff Ice first.
  4. At improv practice
    I drank it really fast on an empty stomach and my friend had to drive my car home for me
  5. At TGI Friday's
  6. At a party, with my own defense Ice
    If you have an Ice on your person, you can "Ice Block" and make the person trying to ice you drink both Ices. I had an Ice in my back pocket for this purpose. When my back was turned, my friend stole it and then iced me with it.
  7. At an awards ceremony, multiple times
    Okay, it was a party, but my improv team was giving out end-of-year awards. The awards were a bucket with an Ice in them. Every person got Iced. I was subsequently iced 4 more times that night.
  8. In the bathroom
    It was in the tampon box under the sink